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We always offer our best services to our customers. Whether it is a short, medium or long term credit, FINOVAZ has set itself the mission of promoting credit financing wherever the need is felt.
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For many years, we have been committed alongside women and men to support them in their projects. FINOVAZ thus contributes to the vitality of the economic and social fabric of the territories by acting as a responsible actor.
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We guarantee your financial satisfaction.

Regardless of your financial situation, whether you are banned from banking or not, our role is to provide you with the financing you need.
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With more than 10 years of experience, we have what you need.
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Whatever the need, we guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.
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Personal Credit

Personal Credit

Get a little closer to realizing your dreams by making use of our personal loans and meeting your financial needs at attractive interest rates.
Do you want to carry out a personal project? The purchase of goods, household equipment, the financing of a family event, leisure or even an unforeseen purchase... For this, Personal credit is the financing solution tailor-made ideal for any type of project.
Car Loan

Car Loan

The car loan therefore represents the solution for new transport equipment. Also called assigned credit, it is intended for the purchase of a new or used vehicle.
You wish to acquire a vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.), but like a large number of households, you do not have the capital necessary to finance it? If you are in this situation, take out a car loan from FINOVAZ is the ideal solution.
Real Estate Loan

Real Estate Loan

Thanks to the real estate loan from FINOVAZ, it is now possible to make your dreams come true in terms of buying real estate. Why rent if you can buy?
A real estate loan is a long-term loan granted by a credit institution to finance the acquisition of a dwelling.
Investment Credit

Investment Credit

The investment loan is the ideal product for customers who have few financial commitments and who want to use the leverage strategy (borrow to invest).
Do you want to invest in new machines, new vehicles or renew installations without reducing your cash flow? With our investment loans, you easily cover your investment needs.
Credit consolidation

Credit consolidation

The principle of debt consolidation is very simple: FINOVAZ grants you a single loan to repay all your debts. It's better to be discharged.
The repurchase of credits is the solution adapted to your needs! Perform your loan consolidation in a few clicks and get your quick response with FINOVAZ.

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